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Knights of Columbus  
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Knights of Columbus
The Knights are a fraternal group of Catholic men who are closely associated with their parish. They volunteer their time to futher Christ's mission by supporting the parish church, the local community and the country. Watterson Council 1405 meets at the hall located at 2101 S. 3rd St., Ironton, Ohio.

History of Watterson Council 1405
Watterson 1405 has been a part of Ironton and the local area since 1909 when the first Council was chartered with a total of 82 members. Charles A Mayne, the first Grand Knight to oversee duties of the council, was also the only member of Watterson Council to serve as State Deputy.
The first recorded place of residence for Council 1405 was in the Furlong building in 1913 which was located on the river side of 3rd and Railroad Street. In 1946 the Council purchased the property at Fifth and Park Ave which was to become their home for the next 30 years. In 1976 this property was sold to the city of Ironton and the Watterson Council moved to the 400 block of South Second Street. Council called this location home until 1996 when the adjacent building caught fire and the surrounding block was basically destroyed.

The Council struggled the next few years but continued to conduct meetings in the undercroft of St. Joseph Church. During this time a few dedicated members began discussing the idea of buying a new piece of property or perhaps building a new home for Watterson 1405. Eventually a site was purchased in February of 1999 at the corner of Third and Kemp and the construction of a new building was undertaken.

Watterson Council moved into their new home at 2101 South Third Street in September 2001. The handicapped accessible facility includes a 4200 sq. ft. Grand Hall with a large patio bordering the outside, a fully functioning industrial kitchen and a club room that seats 120 people. The local council facility is said to be one of the nicest Knights of Columbus facilities in the State.

Current Activities
Watterson Council is very active with 180 members who provide many volunteer hours at the facility on a weekly basis. Council members also work on multiple projects and activities for the local Catholic Churches and Catholic Schools. The MRDD and the Open Door School are the main recipients of donations from the Knights at 1405. Watterson Council also provides for a number of children and their families at Christmas. The council also has a generous history' of donating time, space and volunteers to many local needy causes and fundraising efforts.

In addition to serving a weekly dinner for members and the general public, the facility provides an excellent meeting space for local school systems and the parishes of the Catholic Community of Ironton. The many social and civic events which have been held at the facility since it opened its doors in 2000 have made it a popular gathering place for the people of Ironton and surrounding communities.