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Parents need to make arrangements for baptism conference and the celebration of the Sacrament. Contact the Parish Office for scheduling.

Arrangements must be made at least six months in advance. Pre-nuptial conferences and PMI Profile are required.

Saturday, 4:15 - 4:45 p.m. at the church celebrating 5:15 Mass. 30 minutes before each Mass the first Sunday of the month. Anytime upon request.

Make arrangements at the Parish Office before any publication in newspaper.

Emergency Procedure
If no one answers the phone, follow the directions of the answering service and then you may contact Nancy Rudmann, 740.532.8706

Visitation of the Sick
Contact the Parish Office when a member of the family is hospitalized or confined to home. Communion is brought once a month on Friday upon request.

New Parishioners
Please register at the Parish Office when you move into the area.

Prayer Network
Call Carolyn Melvin, 740.532.7572, or call the Parish Office.

Faith in Action of the River Cities
Services can be requested by the individual needing assistance, family members, friends, neighbors, congregations, hospitals, organizations, social service agencies and nursing homes. Referrals may be made by calling 304.697.1274 or toll-free 1.877.367.1271.

Gift Shop
Please call Corneilia Laber, 740.532.9566.

Bulletin Deadline
Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. For advertising information, call 740.532.7003.